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    30 Thank-You Gifts A Teacher Would Actually Want

    Molding future generations of young minds should at least warrant a pretty sweet mug or plant.

    1. "Teacher Voice" T-Shirt

    For teachers IRL. Get it here.

    2. School Subject Rice Krispie Treats

    Nothing could be more satisfying than taking a big old bite out of the very subject they've tried to get kids to enjoy all year. Recipe here.

    3. Dinosaur Succulent Planter

    Get it here.

    4. "Four Score" Mug

    Lincoln knows. Available here.

    5. Grammar Stamps

    They'll save so much time and red ink. Get the set here.

    6. Hand-Carved Twig Pencil Set

    Available here.

    7. Clip-On Cupholder

    Get these ingenious product here.

    8. DIY Neon-Dipped Planter

    Tutorial here.

    9. Personalized Mini Map Bunting

    To dress up any desk or blackboard. Get it here.

    10. S'More Package

    Awww. Get the printable here or make your own.

    11. Walnut Desk Organizer

    They'll probably want to keep something other than doilies in this, but who knows.

    12. Graphic Mug

    Get it here.

    13. DIY Lace Cement Votives

    14. Alphabet Bracelet

    Just in case they forget.

    15. Mini Terrarium

    Perfectly desk-sized.

    16. Notebook Vase

    Get it here.

    17. DIY Paint-Dipped Mugs

    This super-easy DIY will show that you went the extra mile (re: in caffeine deliverance).

    18. Wood-Grain Notebooks

    Available here.

    19. DIY Rubik's Cube Tissue Box Holder

    Why would you need a tissue box holder, you ask? ART.

    20. Recycled-Paper Colored Pencils

    Get the set here.

    21. Map of the World Circa 1590

    I mean they mostly got it right?

    22. Thumbtack Frames

    For proudly displaying students' weird art.

    23. Cat Stickies

    For impurrtant reminders. (Omg sorry kill me.) Available here.

    24. Notebook Paper Tote

    Get it here.

    25. DIY Vintage Teacup Votives

    Directions here.

    26. Book Necklace

    This seller has a bunch of different book options.

    27. Vintage Desk Organizer

    Instead of a doily, this time it's a skeleton key. Cool.

    28. Tiny Golden Planters

    So little! Available here.

    29. Quadratic Formula Bowl

    Get it here.

    30. "Let's Eat Grandma" T-Shirt

    GOOD ONE, GUYS. Available here.

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