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30 Temporary Tattoos That Are Just As Cool As The Real Thing

Cooler, actually, if you don't dig having the same image emblazoned on your skin for the rest of eternity.

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1. Tattone, $5 for 2

A ton of the tattoos in this post come from Tattly, an incredible site where contributing artists get a cut of every sale. It's run by Brooklyn-based Tina Roth Eisenberg, of the wonderful swiss-miss blog. Get these ones here.

2. Dark Triangles, $1.75 for 2

Something to bear in mind is that these aren't cheapo, peel-right-off-as-soon-as-you-look-at-them temp tats; I've used some of them before and it took about a week for one on my back (a pirate ship, natch) to come off on its own. If you want it off quickly, you can just use baby oil or an exfoliant. Available here.


7. Arkansas, $10 for 20

Maybe you live in Arkansas. Maybe your wedding is in Arkansas, or your favorite flower. Maybe you just really love the concept of Arkansas. I don't know, I don't know you. Get them here.


11. Dad, $5

From the description: "A temporary tattoo of a tattooed dad. A tattoo of tattoos. Maybe that mermaid on his arm has tattoos too. Then the tattoos on your tattoo have tattoos. Don't think about it too much."


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