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29 Clever Works Of Graffiti That Vastly Improved Their Surroundings

Street art is sweet art.

1. This grass that totally believes in you.

2. This portal to a magical world.

3. This postbox that's having a terrible day.

4. This heroic cash dispenser.

5. This wall that caved to peer pressure.

6. This sneaky sign.

7. These structures that have each other, at least.

8. This billboard that not ALL men.

9. This amorous toilet paper.

10. Stan.

11. This very important checklist.

12. This skeletal street grate.

13. This cannibalistic changing station.

14. Pac-Man.

15. This heated exchange.

16. This delicious whatever it is.

17. This existential mattress.

18. This googly-eyed Founding Father.

19. This peeping lil' guy.

Let me just take a peek.... #streetart #nature #art #arty #photography #awesome #funny

20. This highly artistic robbery.

Haven't seen this "Duchamp was here" graffiti before, but it's pretty funny.

21. These upgrades to everyday life.


24. And these.


27. This wondrous appliance that we all deserve to have in our lives.

28. This solid advice.

"Make awkward sexual advances not war" Spread love and hugs. Hippie politics for the win.

29. This work of art.