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    20 Ingenious Solutions You Wish You'd Thought Of First

    "WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT?!" is the hallmark of a truly brilliant discovery.

    1. Photocopying the back of something you need to hang perfectly.

    2. Using a nutcracker to twist open a tough cap.

    3. Zip-up headphones.

    4. Twister sheets.

    5. Imprinting cookies with rubber stamps.

    6. Turning a cheese grater into an A+ earring holder.

    7. Painting in corners with a pointed roller.

    8. Using lawn stakes to keep your beer from tipping over in the grass.

    9. Backpack umbrellas.

    10. Mugs with room for your tea bag.

    11. Using cookie cutters to carve pumpkins.

    12. Keeping track of dosage schedules on the actual medicine bottle.

    13. Slip-proof ledges for shaving your legs.

    14. Candles-slash-forks.

    15. Inflating a blanket fort with a box fan.

    16. Giving Voldemort a plug nose.

    17. Flipping over a side table to make a swanky pet bed.

    18. Hiding beer in a giant fast food cup.

    19. Ear guards that protect against heat styling.

    20. And the ultimate:

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