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    Halloween Candy Ranked By Grown-Ass Adults Who Should Have Been Working

    "Butterfinger is not a candy, it is a weapon."

    mallorymcinnis [11:56 AM] smarties + necco wafers = the worst

    alanna [11:57 AM] but sweet tarts are weirdly great?

    mallorymcinnis [11:57 AM] sweet tarts are amazing

    juliareinstein [11:57 AM] necco wafers are shitty sweet tarts

    terripous [11:57 AM] NERDS ARE AWFUL

    alanna [11:57 AM] WHAT

    alanna [11:57 AM]
    I love nerds!!!!

    juliareinstein [11:57 AM] sweet tarts are ok

    christinalan [11:57 AM] NERD ROPES

    mallorymcinnis [11:57 AM] i love nerds too

    terripous [11:57 AM] no

    juliareinstein [11:57 AM] pro-nerds

    terripous [11:57 AM] no to nerds

    alanna [11:57 AM] terri u r a nerd

    alanna [11:57 AM] haha zing

    terripous [11:57 AM] so i don't eat them bc it'd be cannibalism

    juliareinstein [11:57 AM] unpopular opinion: tootsie rolls are bad

    rachelwmiller [11:57 AM] no julia we agree fully

    alanna [11:57 AM] no yeah tootsie rolls are like

    rachelwmiller [11:57 AM] tootsie rolls are like

    rachelwmiller [11:57 AM] hospital food

    alanna [11:57 AM]
    why would you ever crave one

    juliareinstein [11:57 AM] YES

    rachelwmiller [11:57 AM]'s...fine if that's all you have

    karen.hobowsky [11:58 AM] favorite: regular sized reese's cups. least: candy corn, stupid lollipops, like dum dums

    alanna [11:58 AM] candy corn is sooooo divisive

    rachelwmiller [11:58 AM] I can get down with some dum dums

    alanna [11:58 AM] dum dums are too small

    alanna [11:58 AM] like your mouth wants more to do

    karen.hobowsky [11:58 AM] exactly!

    christinalan [11:58 AM] I despise runts

    rachelwmiller [11:58 AM] also not as much a Halloween candy but I hate runts

    alanna [11:58 AM] jinxxx

    rachelwmiller [11:59 AM] runts are break your teeth on?

    mallorymcinnis [11:59 AM] no to good and plenty. no to mike and ikes.

    alanna [11:59 AM] ugh LOVE a butterfinger

    alanna [11:59 AM]
    that might be my fav

    alanna [11:59 AM] esp because you have to really root around in between your teeth after

    alanna [11:59 AM] you have to earn it

    rachelwmiller [11:59 AM] they are so messy though


    christinalan [11:59 AM] how do people feel about milk duds

    rachelwmiller [11:59 AM] I can do milk duds

    maitland [11:59 AM] so good but so stick in teeth

    alanna [11:59 AM] omg GUYS

    alanna [11:59 AM] I was at the airport

    alanna [11:59 AM] and wanted to buy a butterfinger

    alanna [12:00 PM] and they didn't have any????

    alanna [12:00 PM] they just had this weird peanut butter version of butterfingers

    alanna [12:00 PM] it was sacrilege

    rachelysanders [12:00 PM] ugh butterfingers are terribile

    rachelysanders [12:00 PM] but other ppl like them so i could always get good trades

    angelo.spagnolo [12:00 PM] butterfingers are hell on your teeth

    rachelwmiller [11:59 AM] ew PayDay

    maitland [12:00 PM] also full size crunch bars are so much better than fun size

    maitland [12:00 PM] the thinness is key

    alanna [12:00 PM] i like buncha crunch

    alanna [12:00 PM] mostly for the movies

    alanna [12:00 PM] good makeout candy

    maitland [12:00 PM] BUNCHA CRUNCH YES

    christinalan [12:00 PM] wait. omg. 100 grand bars??

    rachelwmiller [12:00 PM] fuck 100 grand bars

    rachelysanders [12:00 PM] 100 grand is one of the most underrated

    mallorymcinnis [12:00 PM] 100 grand bars are great!

    rachelwmiller [12:00 PM] but take five bars which are NOT Halloween candy are the tits

    alanna [12:00 PM] COSIGN

    angelo.spagnolo [12:00 PM] cosign

    angelo.spagnolo [12:00 PM] 100 grand is fuego

    hannahgiorgis [12:00 PM] agree @rachelysanders

    rachelysanders [12:00 PM] take five is the other most underrated

    terripous [12:00 PM] take 5 should be halloween candy

    rachelwmiller [12:00 PM] take five is like a legit snack

    terripous [12:01 PM] it's everything good in one

    rachelwmiller [12:01 PM] we should have take five in the office instead of...kale soy chip straws or whatever

    angelo.spagnolo [12:01 PM] fuck pretzels

    angelo.spagnolo [12:01 PM] except the underrated short lived pretzel m&ms

    christinalan [12:01 PM] i loved pretzel m&ms :broken_heart:

    alanna [12:01 PM] also you know what is not a candy, to my mind

    alanna [12:01 PM] twix

    alanna [12:01 PM] it's a COOKIE

    alanna [12:01 PM] the reason I think that is my middle school did not sell candy but they did sell twix in the vending machine

    juliareinstein [12:01 PM]
    alanna same!!!!

    juliareinstein [12:01 PM] CRISPY M&Ms ARE BACK BTW

    karen.hobowsky [12:01 PM] omg! chic-o-sticks! i like those, but feel like i only got them once trick or treating

    angelo.spagnolo [12:01 PM] chic-o-stick is same as butterfinger

    hannahgiorgis [12:02 PM] butterfinger is not candy, it is a weapon

    juliareinstein [12:02 PM] fun story, growing up i always saw 3 musketeers commercials and thought it was a breadstick covered in chocolate. which i wanted so much.

    mallorymcinnis [12:02 PM] there was a house that gave out vampire wax lips. it was unique, but you can't actually ingest them

    angelo.spagnolo [12:03 PM] i love 3 musketeers

    angelo.spagnolo [12:03 PM] underrated

    hannahgiorgis [12:03 PM] also love 3 musketeers

    angelo.spagnolo [12:03 PM] Reese's fast break

    mallorymcinnis [12:03 PM] i loved peppermint patties. i'd put them in the freezer and then eat them cold

    juliareinstein [12:03 PM] FAST BREAK YES

    rachelwmiller [12:03 PM] not a fan of three musketeers

    juliareinstein [12:03 PM] fast break is the best spinoff candy of all time

    juliareinstein [12:03 PM] OF ALL TIME

    alanna [12:03 PM] omg fast breaks rule

    alanna [12:03 PM] we used to have them in the office!!!!

    angelo.spagnolo [12:03 PM] ^ this is why we have cavities

    angelo.spagnolo [12:04 PM] I've been to the dentist three times since I started here

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