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    15 Better Uses For A Roomba Than Cleaning

    Because chores are BORING.

    1. As a rabbit exercise machine.

    2. As a DJ.

    3. As a child-transporter.

    4. As a means for star-crossed lovers to, however briefly, boop.

    5. As a tool for world domination.

    6. As a way for a turtle to achieve his speediest, wildest dreams.

    7. To make life easier.

    8. To command respect.

    9. To keep all your kittens nice and organized.

    10. To connect with the universe.

    11. To launch a full-scale attack.

    12. (Like, VERY full-scale.)

    13. As a metaphor for missed opportunity.

    14. To transcend the limitations of our physical selves.

    15. To experience a brief shining moment of connection with another being.

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