33 Rad Supplies That Will Make You Pumped To Go Back To School

Whether you’re a teacher, a student, or just someone who appreciates a truly A+ pen, this stuff will make sitting in a classroom all day so much more appealing.

1. Whale Pen, $5

Pay homage to Ahab (sort of). Available here.

2. Sushi USB Drive, $10.50

Con: Chances are your cafeteria doesn’t serve sushi. Pro: You will be the envy of everyone in the room. Sounds fair.

3. Patterned Binders, $16 each

Available here.

4. The Little Prince Planner, $28.95

To add a little bit of wonder to your day.

5. “Fuck This Shit” Pencils, $8 for six

Let your writing utensils do the talking.

6. Reusable Lunch Bags, $18 for 2

Get them here.

7. EIffel Tower Scissors, $14.95

Visit Paris without leaving fourth-period pre-calc.

8. Personalized Trinket Tray, $9

This would make an awesome teacher gift.

9. Burlap Pencil Roll, $30

Get it here.

10. Cool Dog Backpack, $39.99

You’ll be the coolest dog.

11. Wood Grain Notebooks, $7

Available here.

13. Cat Tote, $25

Get it here.

14. Pocket-Size Shredder, $11.95


15. Galaxy Backpack, $54.42

Get this gem here.

16. Decomposition Notebook, $6.95 each

They’re made of 100% recycled materials so you can record your innermost thoughts/Spanish notes with a smug sense of pride.

17. Pebble Erasers, $4.90 each

Available here.

18. Back-To-School Socks, $12 per pair

Not, strictly speaking, school supplies; yes absolutely wonderful.

19. Wooden Pens, $9

The body is hexagonal to prevent rolling around.

20. Elephant Paperclips, $8.95

Available here.

21. Message in a Bottle USB Drive, $28

Passin’ notes, takin’ names.

22. “Twin Peaks” Pencils, $8.95 for eight

A damn fine set of pencils.

23. Shark Pencil Case, $44

Get it here.

24. Multicolored Pushpins, $4

I wish my whole life were these colors.

25. Skyline Desk Organizer, $24.95

Available here.

26. “Shit I Gotta Fucking Get Done” Assignment Notebook, $9.99 for two

You’ll never forget to write an essay again.

27. Rainbow Highlighters, $12.99

Available here.

28. Squirrel Tape Dispenser

Get it here.

29. Lisa Frank Folder, $10

Oh, nostalgia.

30. Cat Stickies, $6.50 for all three types

For writing meow-mos.

(sorry bye forever.)

31. Robot Pencil Sharpener, $14

Get it here.

32. Video Cassette Notebook, $20.99

Available here.

33. Pizza Backpack, $65

For what is education really about, if not for learning the skills to get a great job and lead a fulfilling life absolutely stuffed to the brim with PIZZA.

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