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    27 Rad Pairs Of Socks To Keep Your Feet Cozy

    Hands down, the best part of fall and winter is bringing your socks out of hibernation. Up your footwear game with these guys.

    1. Hand-Knit Autumn Socks

    2. Shark Socks

    3. IDGAF Socks

    4. Embroidered Floral Socks

    5. Grid Socks

    6. Sheer Lined Knee Socks

    7. Blocky Baby Socks

    8. DIY Colorblocked Socks

    9. Llama Socks

    10. "American Gothic" Socks

    11. Slipper-Socks

    12. Constellation Socks

    13. "Run Faster" Athletic Socks

    14. Cat Knee Socks

    15. DIY TARDIS Socks

    16. TARDIS (and Dalek) Socks You Don't Have to DIY

    17. Pencil Socks

    18. Snazzy Socks

    19. French Fry Monster Socks

    20. Cat Collage Socks

    21. Jelly Bean Socks

    22. Cabled Hand-Knit Socks

    23. Mushroom Socks


    25. Sun Printed Socks

    26. DIY Boot Socks

    27. Crazy Socks