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    19 Totally R-Rated Holiday Cards

    I saw Mommy [redacted] Santa Claus...

    1. This testicular card.

    2. This punny card.

    3. This card that coined a whole new holiday.

    4. This card that will ruin your childhood.

    5. This subtle card.

    6. And this not-so-subtle card.

    7. This interactive card.

    8. This British card.

    9. This card that makes a really good point.

    10. This innuendo-filled card.

    11. And this one.

    12. And this one.

    13. This anatomically correct(ish) card.

    14. This card for the Chosen.

    15. This card that offers a year-round invitation.

    16. This caroling card.

    17. This advent calendar, for when one card isn't enough.

    18. This card that tells it like it is.

    19. And this extremely straightforward card.

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