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    30 Quick And Cozy Projects To Make This Fall

    Like a hug for your head/feet/house ALL THE TIME.

    1. Easy Knitted Cowl

    You don't even have to make it in the round if you don't want.

    2. Gilded Pine Cone Garland

    Get the insanely simple directions here.

    3. Flannel Shirt-Turned-Skirt

    Get the instructions here.

    4. Yarn-Wrapped Vases

    5. Elbow Patches

    Put them on everything you own.

    6. Autumn Leaf-Inspired Hat

    Get the pattern here.

    7. Fox-Stamped Blanket

    8. One-Piece Felt Slippers

    9. Felt Leaf Headband

    10. Scalloped Boot Cuffs

    Give your old tried and true boots a fuzzy update.

    11. Sunglass Case-Turned-Clutch

    Let's hope that's not actually Coach.

    12. Leaf-Shaped Cork Coasters

    13. Leaf Bunting

    14. Old Sweater-Turned-Mittens

    Give your moth-eaten garments a second life.

    15. Dip-Dyed Baskets

    Find out how to make them here.

    16. Dog Hat

    No words needed.

    17. Knitted Pencil Grips

    18. Pencil-ified Fence

    Flickr: fhuell

    Because why not?

    19. Crocheted Mug Cozy

    Get the pattern here.

    20. Gilded Leaf Art

    Make it yourself here.

    21. Dotted Throw

    22. Mounted Leaves

    Do just a couple or decorate an entire wall.

    23. Knitted Armwarmers

    For when you can't quiet give up short sleeves, even though you probably should.

    24. Geometric Felt Art

    Directions here.

    25. Woolen Bead Necklace

    Who says jewelry can't be snuggly?

    26. Felt Phone Case

    There's room for credit cards too.

    27. Leaf Confetti

    28. Leaf Tea Light Jar

    29. Felt Sleeping Mask

    30. Pumpkin Hat

    Perfect for a newborn (who can't argue with you either way).