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22 Ingenious Products That Will Make Your Workday So Much Better

Mondays aren't looking half-bad from here.

1. An under-the-desk foot hammock.

For truly serious lazy people. Available here.

2. A self-stirring mug.

Do you KNOW how much time the average human spends stirring their coffee in the morning? Me neither, but I bet it is egregious.

3. And a mug warmer.

Because the distance from your desk to the coffeemaker is juuuust soooooo faaaaaaaar.

4. A tiny desk vacuum.

It plugs right into your USB port.


The future sure is rad, although you'd think by now there would be more Dippin' Dots per capita.

6. A stapler that doesn't require staples.

Available here.

7. A nap-anywhere pillow.

8. Or just go for broke and get an inflatable nap pod.

9. This totally addictive putty that will clean your keyboard and electronics.

Get it here.

10. An office chair-slash-exercise ball.

So you can work your core and improve your posture without falling over every five minutes.

11. A personal desktop fridge.

Nobody will dare steal your morning yogurt again.

12. A clip that secures a cup holder to your desk.

So you don't have to take up precious space with your morning mug (or seven).

13. A washable keyboard.

It's way easier to keep clean and way harder to damage beyond repair.

14. An under-the-desk elliptical.

15. A desktop punching bag.

Sometimes you just have to let it all out.

16. A cord wrapper to keep your ish from getting tangled.

Get it here.

17. A picture frame that lets you upgrade your loved ones.

AKA give them the facial hair they deserve.

18. These adorable hand warmers.

They operate through the USB port as well.

19. A desk humidifier.

Get it here.

20. A digital peephole.

So you can keep track on comings and goings whether you have an actual office or a simple cubicle.

21. This brilliant device, called a Stealth Switch.

You keep it on the floor and whenever your boss (or someone else who you don't want to see what you're doing) walks past, just tap it and it'll minimize any sites or apps you've programmed instantly.

22. This.

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