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20 Problems Only Extremely Neat People Will Understand

Could you please take your shoes off? Like, forever?

1. Constantly being late to work/school because you can't leave your house without making the bed.

Everett Collection / Via Shutterstock

2. Feeling like you're forever picking up after your significant other/family members/roommates.

This is particularly hard if said roommates are seven tiny men who you just so happen to live with.

3. (Especially when they're just sitting around on their butts.)

Twentieth Century Fox / Via

"Hope that magazine is totally riveting."

4. Cleaning drunk and having no idea where you put stuff the next day.


Keys in the freezer? Cool.

5. Turning on the vacuum and not being able to stop until LITERALLY EVERYTHING is dust-busted.

6. Going to parties and being overwhelmed by the urge to subtly clean up rather than rage.


7. Having to control your anger when someone messes up something you JUST cleaned.

8. Experiencing the shame of having someone walk in on you doing this:

What's the point of cleaning when you can't *~*DANCE*~*?

9. Finding yourself dispensing unsolicited cleaning advice to your friends, neighbors, co-workers, and loved ones.

FOX / Via


10. Spending so much time cleaning, organizing, and arranging your desk that you have hardly any time to, you know, work.


11. Even if you're somewhere someone is going to clean up after you, like a hotel, feeling the urge to "straighten up" anyway.

Disney / Via

It's only polite!

12. Having to re-clean after some poor well-meaning souls attempt to do it themselves.


"No, you have to turn the vacuum ON first."

13. Throwing something out in a fit of organization only to realize you actually really need it.


14. Starting a project, like cleaning out your closet, and being incapable of stopping until it's done.


This is your life now.

15. Constantly needing to buy more toothbrushes/paper towels/Swiffer pads/you name it.

They're just SO GOOD at getting dirt out of every conceivable place.

16. Fantasizing about having enough money to buy the best of the best cleaning supplies.

And knowing it's never gonna happen.

17. ...and about having enough space to store it all.


One of life's greatest paradoxes is the fact that in order to clean well, one must create clutter.

18. Being referred to as a "neat freak," "obsessive," or "totally batshit insane."

19. Feeling like you're alone and misunderstood in this vast, entropic universe, forever setting things right only to have them made unclean mere minutes later.

Macy's / Via

20. Having to do it all again tomorrow.

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