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    31 Unusual Gifts To Give A Design Lover

    Because even the most hard-to-shop-for people deserve to be shopped for.

    Chris Ritter/BuzzFeed

    1. Magnetic Bottle Opener

    The magnet keeps bottle caps from flying every which way once your precious beverage has been opened. Available for $16.

    2. Maze Ashtray

    Up and down and all around. Available for $55.15.

    3. Temporary Tattoos

    Tattly sells tons, including this starter set for $15.

    4. Typeface Flowchart

    Solve life's deepest dilemma. Get it for $22.

    5. Wall-Mounted Fish Bowl[]=attr%7Ctop-100-gifts&ref=browse&pos=13

    It can also be used as a terrarium if you're not so into giving someone a living thing to care for. Available for $19.99.

    6. Initial Earrings

    $33 for a pair of your choice.

    7. Bubble Wrap Calendar

    The only downside is that it'll be impossible not to pop all of the days at once. Sign up for notification about availability here.

    8. Color Wheel Umbrella

    Brighten up those dreary days. Get it for $16.

    9. Sleek Humidifier

    This is straight-up ART. Available for $150.

    10. Soap Stones

    They're almost too pretty to use. Available here from $3.50 each.

    11. Highlighter Pencils

    With no plastics or solvents, they're more eco-friendly than regular highlighters. Sold for $2.50 each.

    12. Eraser Brush

    Perfect for sweeping away those unsightly eraser bits. Available for £9.50.

    13. Geometric Vases

    Get them for $17.88 each.

    14. Soma Water Filter

    More like "somuch prettier than your old Brita." Get it here for $49.99.

    15. Typography Scrabble

    It's a hefty $200 but it doubles as art AND a game for the discerning font snob in your life.

    16. Paper Watch

    It can be kept blank or drawn all over. Get it for $12.

    17. Rorschach Mug

    What do ~you~ see? Get it for $33.66.

    18. Cube Clock

    It lights up when you snap and then dims after a few moments so you can peacefully slumber. Get it for $38.

    19. Standing Knife

    Perfect for a fussy foodie. Available for $28.

    20. Nesting Kitchen Tools[]=attr%7Cgifts-for-design-lovers&ref=browse&pos=17

    They fit neatly inside one another. Set available for $50.

    21. "HAUS" Doormat[]=attr%7Chost-hostess-gifts&ref=browse&pos=5

    Jah. Get it for $29.

    22. Stick Lighter{keyword}&gclid=CNb3_Ynao7sCFSho7Aod3V0A1Q

    So sleek, they'll love it even if they don't smoke. Get it for $40.

    23. Bracket Bookends

    Get the set for $47.35.

    24. Card Speaker

    It's the size of a credit card but produces big, smooth sound. Available for $73.

    25. Typography Mug

    Where words fail, Helvetica speaks. Get it for $15.95.

    26. Steel Shaker Set

    Shake it out for only $12.95 for the set.

    27. Numberclips

    Get the set for $5.

    28. Business Card Stamp Keychain

    Leave your mark. Personalized stamp available for $25.

    29. Kaleidoscopic Trays

    Available from $16.

    30. Major Scale Wine Glass

    They're tuned and labeled. Get the set of 2 for $65.

    31. The Canine Alphabet

    Great for a kid's room. Also: a grown-up's room, especially if the grown-up is me. Available for $19.

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