24 People Who Couldn’t Get It Together For Halloween

Maybe next year, leave the pumpkin carving to the professionals.

1. The person who flipped off this punch bowl.

2. Whoever designed this packaging.

3. The parents who tried to pose their baby in this pumpkin.

5. And this one.

I know that feel bro.

6. The mastermind behind this tampon ghost.

Innovative, at least.

7. This single-ply mummy.

8. This almost-Oogie Boogie.


9. The person who tried to give this pumpkin a mustache.

And may have succeeded in giving it a second mouth.

10. The creator of this festive pumpkin.

More like hole-oween!!


11. This pumpkin artist.

14. The owner of this house.

15. The baker of these totally-not-creepy cupcakes.

Although points for salvaging them via cuteness.

16. And these would-be finger cookies.

17. And this not-quite-a-pumpkin cake.

19. The people in this room.

20. The parents of this weeping giraffe.

21. And this listless bunny.

22. And…this.

At least he looks pumped?

23. Not this awesome woman, who decided to embrace her Pinterest fails and dress up as one.

24. Whatever monster is responsible for this.

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