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    Posted on Jul 26, 2013

    "Orange Is The New Black" Has Some Wicked Impressive DIYs

    When prison hands you maxi pads, make shower shoes. Some spoilers, ish.

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    1. Piper's hair = Taystee's hair extension

    2. Kool-Aid powder + Vaseline = lip stain

    3. Jalapeños + cocoa butter = soothing back cream

    The perfect DIY solution to all your disputes caused by unthinkingly insulting the prison cook's food to her face.

    4. Maxi pad = surgical mask

    5. Maxi pads = relatively ineffective shower shoes

    They can't solve ALL of life's problems.

    6. Duct tape = much more effective shower shoes

    7. Potato chip bag = wine cozy

    8. Pencils + paperclips + sockets + who even knows = Miss Claudette's hot pot

    9. Toothbrush + razor blade = shank

    10. Screwdriver + rubber gloves = good old-fashioned DIY dildo.

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