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    Updated on Feb 14, 2019. Posted on Jan 25, 2014

    30 Punny Valentines For Everyone You Love

    You're the pun for me!

    Telling someone how much you care can be a daunting task. This Valentine's Day, say it with...

    1. Caffeine.

    Get the free printable here and attach it to a gift card.

    2. Cheese.

    Nothing says "let's touch our lips together" like a hunk of extra sharp cheddar.

    3. Pizza.

    Buy it here.

    4. SCIENCE.

    Available here.

    5. Gateway drugs.

    6. Adorable woodland critters.

    Buy it here.

    7. School supplies.

    Get the directions here (this would be a rad gift for a whole class).

    8. A Golden Girl.

    Available here.

    9. Garbage.

    10. Nature.

    11. Condiments.

    Get it here.

    12. Other condiments.

    Get the printable template here.

    13. Cats!

    Available here.

    14. Kitchen supplies.

    Buy it here.

    15. A German philosopher.

    16. An obsolete yet still strangely popular writing instrument.

    Get it here.

    17. A mode of transportation.

    Available here.

    18. Blushing fruits.

    Available here.

    19. Melted chocolate.

    Obviously to be served alongside a vat of the stuff. Get it here.

    20. Military force.

    Albeit ADORABLE military force. Get it here.

    21. Sea creatures.


    22. More cheese.

    23. More school supplies.

    Find out how to do it yourself here.

    24. More caffeine.

    Get it here.

    25. A lady sheep.

    Buy it here.

    26. A lady pig.

    Get it here.

    27. Vietnamese noodles.

    Available here.

    28. A kindly yet fearsome Norseman.

    Jared Andrew Schorr /

    29. Charles Darwin.

    Available here.

    30. And with the most romantic gesture of all: cold, hard cash.

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