The 20 Most Important Yearbook Pages Of All Time


20. This unfortunate typo.

Or fortunate, if you happen to be in the porn-movie-naming industry.

19. And this one.

18. Aaaand this one.

17. This fine feathered friend.

16. This shady drug deal.

14. This seascape.

13. These gentle caresses.

12. This unmitigated own.

11. This groundbreaking discovery.

10. This patient explanation.

9. This motherfucker.

8. This appreciator of fine cinema.

7. This Pokémon master.

6. This super-urgent chain letter.

5. This heartwarming love story.

1. This creature of habit.

Dale Irby wore the same outfit for 40 years worth of photos. Truly an inspiration to us all.

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