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21 People Who Made The Best Of A Bad Situation

They deserve our sympathy and our respect.

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2. This bowl-less snacker.

3. This spoon-less foodie.

5. This troubadour who lost her capo.

6. This cook who's too tough to cry.

7. And this cook who doesn't own a microwave.

But does own a Keurig? Cool.

8. This guy who did not have a $4 corkscrew but did have a $40 drill.

9. Whatever saint first figured this out.

10. The person who had to go to this no-alcohol-allowed event.

11. And this one.

12. This quick thinker.

13. This resourceful grandma.

14. This vengeful roommate.

15. Whoever had to haul 30 pounds of groceries up five flights of stairs.

16. Whoever had to fill this giant bucket from this miniscule sink.

17. Whoever's fly is perpetually down.

18. This intrepid napper.

19. These snowbound partiers.

20. This person who was both sleepy AND hungry.

A classic conundrum.

A classic conundrum.

21. The husband who warmed his wife's heart.

And by "heart" I mean "booty."

And by "heart" I mean "booty."