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28 Low-Tech Hacks For Your High-Tech Gadgets

It doesn't have to take your life savings or a soldering iron to make using all those fancy electronics so much better.

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3. Take selfies using your earbuds!

It's witchcraft, but it works as long as they're the kind of earbuds that have a volume +/- button on the cord.

1. Aim the camera with the earbuds plugged in to the phone.

2. Press the volume + button. It'll minimize selfie-arm (that horrid condition) and make you feel kind of like a middle school photographer, which is always a plus.

19. If you don't need your GPS anymore*, use the stand to hold your sunglasses.

*Either because your smartphone has rendered it redundant, or because you're just so geographically savvy you don't need directions from a tinny Australian dude.

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