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    28 Low-Tech Hacks For Your High-Tech Gadgets

    It doesn't have to take your life savings or a soldering iron to make using all those fancy electronics so much better.

    1. Use inexpensive ear plugs to replace a busted earbud.

    2. Keep your charger from breaking so easily with a spring from a pen.


    3. Take selfies using your earbuds!

    It's witchcraft, but it works as long as they're the kind of earbuds that have a volume +/- button on the cord.

    1. Aim the camera with the earbuds plugged in to the phone.

    2. Press the volume + button. It'll minimize selfie-arm (that horrid condition) and make you feel kind of like a middle school photographer, which is always a plus.

    4. Turns out anything can become a smartphone stand, like a cassette case.

    You know, because you have so many of them lying around.

    5. Or a gift card.

    Either one you've already used or one you'll never use. (Heyyy, Chico's.) Here's how to do it.

    6. (Gift cards also make easy earbud holders.)

    7. Back to stands: You can use a wallet.

    8. A hairclip.

    9. Or a toilet paper holder.

    This is mad necessary.

    10. Make a tablet stand for 50 cents from a scrap of wood.

    Get the tutorial here.

    11. Or use Legos.

    12. Suspend your tablet over your bed with coat hangers.

    Bunk bed semi-necessary.

    13. Everyone's heard of the toilet-paper-roll-iPhone-speaker, but adding Solo cups can really amplify the sound.

    Plus it looks so effing sweet.

    14. Make a solar charger out of an Altoids tin.

    Directions here.

    15. Create a charging station so all your gadgets don't get tangled.

    Here is how.

    16. Cut out a cheap and easy charging holder from cardboard.

    Your precious baby shouldn't have to lie on the floor. Directions here.

    17. Or make a pretty one from an old lotion bottle.

    18. Make a TARDIS charging station.

    Directions here.

    19. If you don't need your GPS anymore*, use the stand to hold your sunglasses.

    *Either because your smartphone has rendered it redundant, or because you're just so geographically savvy you don't need directions from a tinny Australian dude.

    20. Use a binder clip to make a car stand for your phone.

    21. Make a quick jogging band for your music out of a sock.

    Directions here.

    22. Meet your new best friend, Sugru.

    It's like tech Silly Putty for grownups and it can help you customize cheap earbuds to fit your ears.

    23. Sugru can also cushion a sharp MacBook Air edge.

    This probably qualifies as a pressing first world problem but life is short; keep your wrists comfy.

    24. Use a binder clip to keep your earbuds neat at your desk.

    25. Or, if you have a MacBook, stick them to the screen.


    26. Make an iPad cover out of a composition notebook.

    You'll trick all the Luddites.

    27. If you happen to have both a busted earbud and a stethoscope, today is your lucky day.

    According to Reddit, it'll do just the trick.

    28. And if the stress of your plugged-in, modern life gets to be too much, crack open a cold one and call it a day.

    Thanks, Apple!