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    33 DIY Gifts That'll Make People Say "You MADE That?!"

    It's the thought that counts, but you may as well make it cute too.


    1. Make a homesick loved one a corkboard shaped like their home state.

    Lauren Weems / Via

    Find the full instructions here.

    2. Decorate slippers for someone who could use an extra forty winks.

    Almost Makes Perfect / Via

    Get the tutorial here.

    3. A notebook tote is a perfect gift for any bookworm.

    Say Yes / Via

    Find the instructions here.

    4. Put together an easy DIY spa kit for the one who deserves a break.

    Almost Makes Perfect / Via

    Find out how here.

    5. Or a bunch of custom bath bombs.

    A Beautiful Mess / Via

    Get the tutorial here.

    6. Even if they prefer to sleep in a cardboard box, your furry friend could use a cute bed.

    Design Love Fest / Via

    Find the tutorial here.

    7. And for the cat-obsessed human, these adorable flats.

    Julie Ann Art / Via

    Find out more here.

    8. For the person with a gazillion little trinkets, make a set of gold leaf bowls.

    Kelli Murray / Via

    Find the tutorial here.

    9. Whip up a quick grown-up hot chocolate kit.

    Samantha Richardson / Via

    I've made these before and they take no time at all; you can swap out the airplane bottle for rum or Kahlúa or whatever tickles your fancy.

    10. And for a kid (or a kid at heart), give a jar of just the Lucky Charms marshmallows.

    Macey Foronda / Chris Ritter / BuzzFeed / Via

    Directions (or what have you) here.

    11. Make a custom room spray for a sweet-smelling pal.

    Alyssa Hoppe for Design Love Fest / Via

    Get the directions here.

    12. For the one who's perpetually late, make a (fairly forgiving) clock.

    Almost Makes Perfect / Via

    It's really not as hard as it seems! Clockworks are really cheap and easy to figure out. Get the tutorial here.

    13. Or if you don't want to go to the trouble of making a clock, decorate one (or three) with washi tape.

    Tell Love And Party / Via

    Find the idea here.

    14. Make a gift card way less boring by presenting it in a stitched envelope.

    Tell Love And Party / Via

    Find the tutorial here.

    15. If they're a traveler or a photographer (or just want to be), transform some of their most memorable pictures into patches.

    Mar Espanol / Via

    Find out how here.

    16. Or keychains!

    Mar Espanol / Via

    Using that old (and smelly) childhood favorite, shrink plastic.

    17. Knit these too-cute-to-be-real miniature ornaments if you're up for a (small) challenge.

    Hands So Occupied / Via

    Get the patterns here; I've made versions of these before and presented them to the recipient atop a beer bottle, which always goes over real well.

    18. Or if pizza is more their speed, make a few of these cheesy ornaments.

    Fish & Bull / Via

    Get the tutorial here.

    19. Make a custom laptop skin for anybody tech-obsessed.

    Jessica Marquez / Via

    AKA everybody. Find the tutorial here (it also includes directions for phone and tablet skins).

    20. Personalize a pet bandana.

    Full marks if you can actually wrestle a cat into one. Get the instructions here.

    21. For the person who's always losing stuff, these leather pouches will keep tiny treasures organized.

    Almost Makes Perfect / Via

    Get the tutorial here.

    22. Make a personalized planter.

    Sugar & Cloth / Via

    Get the tutorial here.

    23. Crochet an oversized cushion in no time flat.

    All About Ami / Via

    Find out how here.

    24. Or knit a massive blanket.

    All About Ami / Via

    Get the pattern here.

    (Also, if you're concerned about the price of jumbo-sized yarn — which can run really expensive! — check out Super Tuff Puff from Knit Picks. I really like how it knits up, even if the color selection is a little limited and it won't be as dramatic as what's pictured here. Plus, it's the cheapest 100% natural fiber yarn I've found at that scale.)

    25. Or if you're more into crochet, make this chunky basket.

    Elizabeth Pardue / Via

    Find the pattern here.

    26. Make a gingerbread scrub that smells good enough to eat.

    Suburban Simplicity / Via

    Find out how here.

    27. Get meta on their tree with these adorable tree-shaped ornaments.

    Say Yes / Via

    Get the instructions here.

    28. Turn empty wine bottles into elegant candle holders.

    Homey Oh My / Via

    And then get to work emptying even more wine bottles. Get the instructions here.

    29. Chase the chapping away with homemade lip balm.

    The Merrythought / Via

    Find out how here.

    30. For the indecisive person, knit this easy headband-slash-cowl.

    Elisa McLaughlin / Via

    It's available as a free pattern on Ravelry; you'll need an account, but if you've ever so much as touched yarn, you should probably have one anyway.

    31. Turn (copies of) their favorite photos into ornaments.

    The Crafted Life / Via

    Get the instructions here.

    32. Or turn them into coasters.

    Surely Simple / Via

    Find the directions here.

    33. Use a deck of cards to let them know how much you care.

    Nicole Phillips / Via

    Find out more here.