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33 DIY Gifts That'll Make People Say "You MADE That?!"

It's the thought that counts, but you may as well make it cute too.

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17. Knit these too-cute-to-be-real miniature ornaments if you're up for a (small) challenge.

Hands So Occupied / Via

Get the patterns here; I've made versions of these before and presented them to the recipient atop a beer bottle, which always goes over real well.

20. Personalize a pet bandana.

Full marks if you can actually wrestle a cat into one. Get the instructions here.


24. Or knit a massive blanket.

All About Ami / Via

Get the pattern here.

(Also, if you're concerned about the price of jumbo-sized yarn — which can run really expensive! — check out Super Tuff Puff from Knit Picks. I really like how it knits up, even if the color selection is a little limited and it won't be as dramatic as what's pictured here. Plus, it's the cheapest 100% natural fiber yarn I've found at that scale.)