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    33 DIY Gifts That'll Make People Say "You MADE That?!"

    It's the thought that counts, but you may as well make it cute too.

    1. Make a homesick loved one a corkboard shaped like their home state.

    2. Decorate slippers for someone who could use an extra forty winks.

    3. A notebook tote is a perfect gift for any bookworm.

    4. Put together an easy DIY spa kit for the one who deserves a break.

    5. Or a bunch of custom bath bombs.

    6. Even if they prefer to sleep in a cardboard box, your furry friend could use a cute bed.

    7. And for the cat-obsessed human, these adorable flats.

    8. For the person with a gazillion little trinkets, make a set of gold leaf bowls.

    9. Whip up a quick grown-up hot chocolate kit.

    10. And for a kid (or a kid at heart), give a jar of just the Lucky Charms marshmallows.

    11. Make a custom room spray for a sweet-smelling pal.

    12. For the one who's perpetually late, make a (fairly forgiving) clock.

    13. Or if you don't want to go to the trouble of making a clock, decorate one (or three) with washi tape.

    14. Make a gift card way less boring by presenting it in a stitched envelope.

    15. If they're a traveler or a photographer (or just want to be), transform some of their most memorable pictures into patches.

    16. Or keychains!

    17. Knit these too-cute-to-be-real miniature ornaments if you're up for a (small) challenge.

    18. Or if pizza is more their speed, make a few of these cheesy ornaments.

    19. Make a custom laptop skin for anybody tech-obsessed.

    20. Personalize a pet bandana.

    Full marks if you can actually wrestle a cat into one. Get the instructions here.

    21. For the person who's always losing stuff, these leather pouches will keep tiny treasures organized.

    22. Make a personalized planter.

    23. Crochet an oversized cushion in no time flat.

    24. Or knit a massive blanket.

    25. Or if you're more into crochet, make this chunky basket.

    26. Make a gingerbread scrub that smells good enough to eat.

    27. Get meta on their tree with these adorable tree-shaped ornaments.

    28. Turn empty wine bottles into elegant candle holders.

    29. Chase the chapping away with homemade lip balm.

    30. For the indecisive person, knit this easy headband-slash-cowl.

    31. Turn (copies of) their favorite photos into ornaments.

    32. Or turn them into coasters.

    33. Use a deck of cards to let them know how much you care.