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Knitting Magazines Give Tons Of Work To Former "America's Next Top Model" Contestants

And you thought those girls weren't getting any modeling work at all. You're about to see just how wrong about that you are.

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With ANTM still on the air (it's now up to Cycle 19 and "All-Star" seasons), you have to wonder why they haven't just swapped out the sponsor magazine with one of the knitting titles that really knows these girls' worth.


The best Bre moment was when she thought Nicole had stolen her granola bar and poured all of Nicole's energy drinks down the sink in retaliation. No amount of innocent cozy sweater- or mittens-wearing could make me forget that.


Caridee English won Cycle 7 and then went on to wear a Flashdance-y sweater for "Knit.1" in Winter '07.

The weird, wonderful Caridee may be my favorite winner ever. Even if you've never watched an episode of ANTM in your life you can probably still appreciate this video. Pattern here.

Thanks to ANTM 411 for keeping such great tabs on what the contestants are up to now.