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    19 Extremely Useful Things That Will Prepare You For Disaster

    Good luck out there.

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    1. These unbreakable glasses.

    Literally the main reason I want Lasik is so that I don't need to worry about breaking my glasses or running out of contacts when capitalism as we know it falls to its knees.

    2. This flashlight that doubles as a flask.

    Although the fact that it's not called a "flasklight" should be punishable by jail time.

    3. A zombie target that actually bleeds.

    For practice and/or fine home decor.

    4. This air purifier that claims to destroy the influenza virus.

    When you're running from undead hordes, the last thing you want is to pause for a sniffle.

    5. And this water purifier you can take on the go.

    Quench your ~thirst~.

    6. This handy survival guide.

    You can never be too prepared.

    7. This zombie hand ice mold.

    I mean you're gonna need Bloody Marys no matter what; may as well make 'em topical.

    8. This all-in-one coffee maker.

    Sleepy people will be the first to succumb.

    11. And this grill that fits in a 13-inch tube.

    12. These 12-in-1 scissors.

    They can open cans, scale fish, and crack walnuts among other v. useful applications.

    13. These festive cupcake toppers.

    To (re-)kill your new overlords with kindness.

    14. Stormproof matches.

    For fire-building and also cupcake candle–lighting.

    15. This survival kit that fits in an Altoid tin.

    Pro: You'll live out a long, happy life.

    Con: Your breath will stink.

    16. And while you're at it, a fire-starting kit in an accompanying Altoid tin.

    17. A wearable sleeping bag.

    For keeping cozy and for blending in (maybe opt for green over bright yellow if that's your intention).

    18. A camping gear subscription box.

    So you can start prepping now.

    19. A set of tags to identify who your real squad is.

    Even after the SHTF.

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