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17 Insanely Clever Products Every Booze Lover Should Own

Besides, you know, booze.

1. One-Handed Bottle Opener

Life's too short to use both hands.

2. Remote-Controlled Rolling Cooler

Because walking is haaaaaard.

3. Combination Bottle Lock

For guarding the good stuff against prying roommates / children.

4. Wine Sippy Cup

5. Bottle Opener Phone Case

6. Magnetic Beer Cozies

To make tailgating even better.

7. Sunscreen Flask

8. Bracelet Flask

Downside: It's $225. Upside: It makes getting wedding-drunk a breeze.

9. Bicycle Wine Rack

10. Full-Bottle Wineglass

You can get this one personalized so there's no mistaking it's yours.

11. Glow-in-the-Dark Cups

12. Stadium Flask Seat

It holds up to 36 ounces and supports up to 300 pounds.

13. Hairbrush Flask

For looking and sipping pretty.

14. Beer Can Handle!pla!!!18283950120!g!!34028917081&gclid=CKa4gIWntr8CFWQQ7AoddEMAuw

To make any drink ~FANCY~.

15. Lawn Drink Holders

These work in sand as well.

16. Chill-Maintaining Wineglasses

They'll keep your wine cold without worry about watering it down.

17. Drink-Cooling Pool Lounger