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    27 Ingenious Ways To Stay Cool This Summer

    You're meltinnnnnggggggg. But it doesn't have to be that way, even without a pool or an AC.

    Hi, this is you.

    But you could be THIS instead.

    1. Buy a fan that operates through your phone.

    2. Invest* in an ice-vest.

    3. Train a hummingbird to be your loyal friend and face-fanner.

    4. Get an umbrella-fan to counteract summer thunderstorms.

    5. Minty gum + cold water = instant relief.

    6. Make sure your pets are nice and chilly too.


    8. And your baby.


    10. Chill your beverage instantly.

    11. Harness the power of a good old-fashioned ice cube.

    12. Or give them a makeover.



    15. Make the world's best iced coffee.

    16. Squeeze lemons the RIGHT way.

    17. Get a bed fan to make nights bearable.

    18. Make your own cooling face mist.

    19. If you get really desperate, try your hand at a DIY AC.


    21. Chill beauty products like facial toner for a quick jolt of relief.

    22. Get a pitcher with a teabag filter so you can cold-brew tea.

    23. Make a paper fan to put the rest to shame.

    24. Chill your beer without watering it down.

    25. Spice up a boring ceiling fan.

    26. Make sure you're drinking enough water by labeling your bottle.

    27. Use a wet towel as a blanket and settle in for a long, long nap.