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    27 Ingenious Ways To Stay Cool This Summer

    You're meltinnnnnggggggg. But it doesn't have to be that way, even without a pool or an AC.

    Hi, this is you.

    Summer is long, man.

    But you could be THIS instead.

    V. cool dog.

    1. Buy a fan that operates through your phone.

    Like those little plastic jobs you always used to have at summer camp, only 100000000x cooler. Get it here.

    2. Invest* in an ice-vest.

    *Ha. Get it here.

    3. Train a hummingbird to be your loyal friend and face-fanner.

    4. Get an umbrella-fan to counteract summer thunderstorms.

    Why do you think she's smiling so big? Available here.

    5. Minty gum + cold water = instant relief.

    6. Make sure your pets are nice and chilly too.

    Crate fan available here.


    Find a variety of *pupsicle* recipes here.

    8. And your baby.

    Get the stroller cooling system here.


    Freeze toys for an icy excavation game.

    10. Chill your beverage instantly.

    11. Harness the power of a good old-fashioned ice cube.

    12. Or give them a makeover.

    Death Star tray available here.


    Shark fin tray available here.


    Fruit cube directions here.

    15. Make the world's best iced coffee.

    16. Squeeze lemons the RIGHT way.

    All it takes are a pair of salad tongs.

    17. Get a bed fan to make nights bearable.

    OMG want.

    18. Make your own cooling face mist.

    Perfect for the beach. Directions here.

    19. If you get really desperate, try your hand at a DIY AC.

    We believe in you. Directions here.


    This is clearly a huge waste of electricity, but desperate times et cetera.

    21. Chill beauty products like facial toner for a quick jolt of relief.

    22. Get a pitcher with a teabag filter so you can cold-brew tea.

    You won't have to worry about steaming up your kitchen and waiting for it to cool. Available here.

    23. Make a paper fan to put the rest to shame.

    Plus the project might help distract you from your own creeping discomfort for a few minutes. Directions here.

    24. Chill your beer without watering it down.

    Just freeze water in a small cup.

    25. Spice up a boring ceiling fan.

    Directions here.

    26. Make sure you're drinking enough water by labeling your bottle.

    27. Use a wet towel as a blanket and settle in for a long, long nap.

    I feel you, buddy.

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