19 Impossibly Clever Knitting And Crochet Patterns

Because the journey should be just as fun as the destination.

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6. Ten-Stitch Blanket

Inspired by THE QUEEN Elizabeth Zimmermann, this is an insanely popular Ravelry pattern worked in easy ten-stitch rows with no sewing required. There's also a crochet version available.

7. Sky Scarf

Also by Leafcutter Designs, you record the weather in different yarn colors each day.

9. Game Knitting

Lee Meredith makes all kinds of interesting patterns, and this booklet in particular focuses on spontaneous knitting in conjunction with a TV show/podcast/movie of your choice (so every time Sherlock unknowingly insults somebody, for example, change the color of your yarn). It's essentially a drinking game but for knitting (and hey, bonus points if you want to drink at the same time).

Have you come across any strange/unique/delightful patterns in your knitting and crochet travels? Add them in the comments!