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    21 Clever Ideas To Vastly Improve Your Halloween Pumpkins

    You're so much better than a standard-issue grinning face.

    1. Turn a basic pumpkin into a totally-not-basic burger.

    2. Make bird feeders out of gourds.

    3. And hedgehogs with string lights.

    4. Pumpkins are only impressive if they're ~designer~.

    5. Or if they're Pac-Man-inspired.

    JK, all pumpkins are special and beautiful.

    6. You can have a cannibal pumpkin.

    7. Or a pumpkin with a skull.

    8. Pay homage to objectively the greatest Halloween movie of all time.


    If carving seems daunting, use paint instead.

    10. Use mini pumpkins to make balloons for an Up tableau.

    Ain't no pumpkin like an Up-style pumpkin 'cause an Up-style pumpkin is tear-jerking.

    11. Paint oblong pumpkins to look like Minions.

    12. Make a pug-kin.

    13. Or a spider.

    14. Gourds make wide-open owl eyes.

    15. Carrots make knobbly noses.

    16. Big pumpkins make truly excellent beer holders.

    Decorate them with their respective labels.

    17. Mini pumpkins can become adorable votives.

    18. Pinterest has never met an object it couldn't cover in melted crayon art.

    19. Showcase your brand loyalty.

    20. And your vices.

    21. Where words fail, pumpkins speak.