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21 Totally Unexpected Holiday Cards To Send This Year

"Wishing you all the best! Love, me and wine."

1. For the friend who understands what a procrastinator you are.

2. For the family member who's sick of the usual Christmas card.

3. For the walking Pinterest fail.

4. For the minimalist.

5. For when you want to cut to the chase.

6. For the person who understands the true meaning of Christmas.

7. For the punster with a macabre side.

8. And the punny animal-lover.

9. And the art history nerd.

10. And the aspiring chef.

11. For realists.

12. For the person who appreciates your honesty.

13. For the person who celebrates two holidays.

14. For getting lit.

15. (Don't want to leave the goyim out.)

16. For the Nicki aficionado.

17. And fans of the Kardashian matriarch.

18. And Swifties.

19. For the analytically minded.

20. For people who know nothing.

21. For the bluntly honest.

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