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Here Is A Flask That Looks Exactly Like A Baby

And soon it could be all yours.

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Philion has been working on the idea since October 2014.

"It would have taken a lot less time, but when I started I knew nothing about prototyping or manufacturing," he told BuzzFeed Life in an email.

"Everyone's having babies. They're hauling / parading those babies around in absurd front-mounted harness systems. So many people are behaving this way that they have become the landscape into which people trying to publicly enjoy a temperature-insulated 36 oz. beverage must blend. "

Here is how it works.

"After the initial idea," Philion said, "it occurred to me that sports people would love this at a tailgate...Weird people might like this for a baby shower. All people could use this for a costume party. It's a convenient thing for fun occasions." Indeed.

h/t Brokelyn