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    15 Absurdly Cute Knitting Patterns For Babies

    That is, for the baby in your life to WEAR; you might have to handle the knitting part yourself.

    Zoe Burnett / BuzzFeed

    1. These wee mittens.

    Heather Mees / Via

    Available on Ravelry, where you should definitely get an account if you haven't already, trust me, your life will change so much for the better.

    2. These booties THAT ARE ALSO BUNNIES.

    Handylittleme / Via

    Buy the pattern here.


    Janet Tamargo / Margo Made It / Via

    Pattern for sale here.

    4. These socks that are for absolutely everyone.

    Tin Can Knits / Via

    Buy the pattern here.

    5. This quick and easy cardigan.

    "Quick Oats" by Taiga Hilliard / Via

    Find the pattern here.

    6. Or this dapper little number.

    Rocket Clothing London / Via

    Buy the pattern here.

    7. This mermaid tail cocoon blanket.

    4aSong / Via

    Buy the pattern for $4 here.

    8. This Yoda-inspired hat for your impossibly wise spawn.

    Melody's Makings / Via

    Get the pattern here.

    9. This garter stitch hat with subtle ear flaps.

    The Purl Bee / Via

    Get the pattern (sized for the whole family) from The Purl Bee.

    10. These diaper covers that are so cute you won't even think about what lies beneath.

    Amanda Stevenson Lupke / Via

    Find the pattern here.

    11. These delightful overalls.

    Anna Mende / Pumora / Via

    Get the pattern here.

    12. This super easy crib blanket.

    The Purl Bee / Via

    Find the pattern here.

    13. These fortune cookie-inspired booties.

    Sheila Zachariae / Creative Design / Via

    Write personalized fortunes to make this a rad shower gift.

    14. This too-cute-for-words stuffed elephant.

    Ysolda Teague / Via

    His name is Elijah.

    15. This crown fit for miniature royalty.

    "Circlet" by Dani Sunshine / Via

    Get the pattern on Ravelry.

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