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41 DIY Gifts You'll Want To Keep For Yourself

These are cuter, cheaper, and way more meaningful than the store-bought alternative.

The Purl Bee / How About Orange / A Beautiful Mess

1. Cat Flats

Cathy Diep for

For the person who dresses from head to toe.

2. Beyoncé Cross-Stitch

3. Magnetic Wristband

4. Copper Votive Candles

5. Dinosaur Phone Tripod

6. Leather Wallet

7. Geode Ring

Aimee Santos, Editor in Chief of SwellMayde

For the rock star.

8. Wire Vase

A Beautiful Mess /

For the minimalist.

9. Fruit Macarons

Sugar & Cloth /

10. Felt Slippers

11. Sleep Mask

12. Painted Camera Strap

13. Calming Face Mist

14. Shark Hoodie Towel

15. Zipper Pouches

16. Cuffed Hat

For snow bunnies of all shapes and sizes.

17. Mason Jar Snow Globe

Julie Ann Art /

18. Message Hairpins

19. Magnetic Tote Bag

20. Animal Bookends

Cassie Freeman /

For the bookish.

21. Painted Kitchen Towels

22. Doily-Stamped Bowl

23. Tube Bead Necklace

24. Rope Planter

For the person who needs a little pop of color.

25. Terrarium Kit

For the person with the tiny green thumb.

26. Hand-Painted Mug

27. Colorful Trivets

Sugar and Cloth /

For anyone whose tabletop (and fingers) you want to protect.

28. Pencil Roll

29. Handwarmers / Instagram: @raeannkelly

For anyone who needs some extra cozy.

30. Indoor Tent

Anu from

For someone's inner (or outer) child.

31. Mint-Infused Bourbon and Simple Syrup

Erin Souder /

32. Hug Pillow

Chrissann Gasparro for

For the person who's too far away for a real hug.

33. Felt Electronics Case

34. Embossed Luggage Tag

35. Instagram Coasters

For all the mems.

36. Folding Camp Stool

37. Pizza Puzzle

38. Pantone Magnets

39. Dog Silhouette Pillow

Erin Souder /

For those who know that home is where your dog is.

40. Decorative Picture Mat

41. $$$

Getty Images/iStockphoto Pictac


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