17 Fuzzy Caterpillars Who Just Want To Be Loved

Just because they’re not cats or dogs or hedgehogs or ducklings doesn’t mean they don’t deserve affection.

1. “Happy Halloween! I’m going as a lonely stick.”

2. “I like your sweater. Your bracelet’s cute. Please give me attention.”

3. “Am I holding hands right?”

4. “Hot damn, the world is big.”


6. “Wish I had a tat, or someone to give me tender affection.”

7. “Hitchhiking is hard.”

8. “I just want us to have the same hobbies.”

9. “Check out my ride, ladies.”

10. “Will you marry me?”

“No? That’s okay, I understand.”

11. “I’m sorry, dude, I’m sure you’ll meet someone who deserves you one day.”

12. “Let’s dance.”

13. “Excuse me for talking with my mouth full.”

“It’s one of my least attractive qualities.”

14. “You can’t see me.”

15. “You guys seem pretty quiet. I like you.”

17. “One day I’ll be a butterfly, but I’d rather be your friend.”

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