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    23 Delightful Pieces Of Faux Taxidermy Where No Animal Actually Died

    Make or buy these awesome, cruelty-free home decor items and rest easy knowing the blood of a jackalope is not on your hands.

    1. DIY Mounted Piñata Head

    To commemorate screaming matches at fifth birthday parties.

    2. Orange Resin Antlers, $45

    Available here.

    3. Sleepy Giraffe Head, €58.00

    Get this, or another custom-made bust from the artist, here.

    4. Mr. Fox, $220

    Pay homage to your favorite children's book (even though the real Mr. Fox would never let himself get caught).

    5. DIY Washi Tape Antlers

    This is insanely easy and temporary enough to jazz up even the most strictly-regulated dorm room.

    6. Wire Deer Head, $80

    7. DIY Wire Deer Head

    8. Hadrosaurus Head, $199

    Everyone will believe that you spend your weekends hunting dinosaurs.

    9. Glossy Miniature Elephant Head, $55

    Get it here.

    10. Woodland Plushies, $35 each

    Perfect for a nursery, as long as you're okay with the off-chance of your kid sustaining residual nightmares about headless toys.

    11. DIY Faux Taxidermy Ornaments

    Directions here.

    12. Tiny Ram Head, $70

    13. Silk and Plaid Jackalope, $300

    Get it here.

    14. Folded Paper Deer Heads, $9 for three

    Available here.

    15. DIY Cardboard Deer Head

    Directions here.

    16. Jackalope Necklace, $35

    Available here.

    17. Deer Rear, $20

    This is so perfect.

    18. DIY Paper Mache Zebra

    This Anthropologie item was meant to be knocked off.

    19. Mounted Tentacle, $25

    Sea creature deserve to be posthumously displayed too.

    20. DIY Crocheted Rhino

    Find the pattern here.

    21. DIY Knitted Deer Head

    Find the pattern here (in French).

    22. Mounted Bicycle Handlebars

    Who says taxidermy has to be of living things at all? Find out how to mount your own or buy a pre-made set here.

    23. Zombie Trophy Head, $149

    For the ultimate undead decor.

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