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23 Embroideries That Totally Get You

Sometimes you just have to say it with thread.

1. For those who understand the tyranny of society.

2. For those who just wanna be cozy.

3. For when you need a little encouragement.

4. Or a lot.

5. For anyone who deserves a special something.



8. For anyone seeking a life plan.

9. For when you need to show your gratitude.

10. Or express your interests.



13. Or dismantle the patriarchy.

14. (Or really any hierarchy at all.)

15. For those who need to calm themselves down every now and then.

16. And who need reminders of where they came from.

17. For when you just need to tell everyone around you what's what.



20. And for when the universe is out to get you.

21. For anyone who wants to show their true colors.

22. Like, their REALLY true colors.

23. For when words fail.