20 Embarrassing Lifehacks That Are Actually Kind Of Brilliant

All of these were confessed on Whisper, the anonymous secret-sharing app.

1. For anyone lacking sewing skills:

2. For anyone who hates laundry more than life itself:

4. Or doing dishes:

6. For those who have better things to do than shave:

7. For those who know the value of the office bathroom:

9. (And the horror of the office fridge:)

10. For those who know that everything has more than one use:

15. For anyone looking to save a buck:


(This is basically straight-up theft, probably do not do this.)

17. For those who know that kids can be your greatest allies:

18. And your worst enemies:

19. Although nowhere near as bad as roommates:

20. For those who still need a little help from childhood:

And then one that’s just deeply, deeply stupid:

Download Whisper for more anonymous secrets/ways to change YOUR ENTIRE LIFE.

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