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22 Easy Tricks To Make Packing So Much Better

All you want to do is travel from Point A to Point B; don't let getting all your stuff together be the thing that holds you back.

1. Store shoes in a shower cap.

2. Keep pairs of earrings together with a button.

3. Invest in a Napper.

4. And a portable outlet splitter.

5. And a Knee-Defender

6. And a vacuum-packing suitcase.

7. If you don't want to spring for a new suitcase, find out how to pack the one you have most efficiently.

8. Roll up your clothes in bundles and secure them with elastics.

9. Use empty pill bottles to store small amounts of hair products and lotions.

10. Pill bottles can also hold Q-tips.

11. Plastic wrap over the opening of toiletries helps prevent leaking.

12. Keep your shirt collars neat and your belts from uncoiling in one fell swoop.

13. Ensure your necklaces are tangle-free by threading them through straws.

14. Pack your flatiron, even if it's still warm, in a potholder.

15. Binder clips will keep your razor heads secure.

16. Use a closet storage shelf to keep folded items neat.

17. Don't forget a snack or you'll be wicked cranky.

18. Pool floaties will keep your wine bottles intact.

19. On that note: you can pack mini bottles of booze in your carry-on.

20. And remember, it's always easier when you have a friend help.