35 Clever Gifts Any Book Lover Will Want To Keep For Themselves

Bonus points if you pair one of these with a book (or seven).

1. Banned Book Socks

May the censorship keep your toesies warm.

2. Book Bath Caddy

Complete with space for a wineglass and a candle.

3. East and West Egg Necklaces

For you and your most disillusioned-by-capitalism BFF.

4. Book Pillow

For night owls (and not-so-night owls).

8. Parents’ Voice Recorder Storybook

For those times when you and your little bookworm have to be apart.

9. Pemberley Pennant

First-round draft pick: Mr. Darcy. And second. And third.

10. Page-Turning Bookmark

It does all the work of remembering your page for you.

11. Le Petit Prince Shirt

For the petit-est prince (or princess) you know.

13. Zipper Bookmark

For the books you can’t bear to close.

14. Harold and the Purple Crayon Onesie

Because love of literature starts from day one.

16. Book Lover Flipbook


Ahh, the well-known good-book slouch.

17. Stack of Books Print

Who needs sightlines when you have this bounty?

18. Bibliophile Soy Candles

Scents include “Oxford Library,” “Book Cellar,” and “Trashy Romance Novel.”

19. Cast-Iron Hand Sculpture

Sometimes you’re just too lazy to hold your own dang book.

21. Book-Rest Light


For when it’s finally time to call it a night.

22. Literary San Francisco Puzzle

If you can stop reading it for long enough to put the damn thing together.

23. Hogwarts Alumni Crop Top

Wear your house pride on your midriff.

24. Bookshelf Necklace


25. Literary Temporary Tattoos

Find out more about this new product line here.

26. Map of Middle Earth Dress

“My eyes [of Mordor] are up here!”

27. Anne of Green Gables Full-Text Poster

If you’ve run out of room on your bookshelf but still have space on your walls.

29. Instant Dictionary

It’ll tell you the definition of and synonyms for any given word right on the spot.

32. “So Little Time” Bookends

Unless you think it’ll just stress you out.

33. Bedside Book Hook

Turn books into ~ART~ when they’re not being read.

35. Adjustable Tablet Stand

For sleepy (and/or lazy) e-readers.

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