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35 Clever Gifts Any Book Lover Will Want To Keep For Themselves

Bonus points if you pair one of these with a book (or seven).

1. Banned Book Socks

2. Book Bath Caddy

3. East and West Egg Necklaces

4. Book Pillow

5. Edgar Allen Poe-ka Dot Phone Case

6. Book Rest Toilet Paper Holder

7. Library Card Tote

8. Parents' Voice Recorder Storybook

9. Pemberley Pennant

10. Page-Turning Bookmark

11. Le Petit Prince Shirt

12. Atlas Shrugged Notebook

Someone'll want it.

13. Zipper Bookmark

14. Harold and the Purple Crayon Onesie

15. "So It Goes" Necklace

16. Book Lover Flipbook

Ahh, the well-known good-book slouch.

17. Stack of Books Print

18. Bibliophile Soy Candles

19. Cast-Iron Hand Sculpture

20. Jilted Literary Lover Matches

21. Book-Rest Light

For when it's finally time to call it a night.

22. Literary San Francisco Puzzle

23. Hogwarts Alumni Crop Top

24. Bookshelf Necklace

25. Literary Temporary Tattoos

26. Map of Middle Earth Dress

27. Anne of Green Gables Full-Text Poster

28. Wine Group Tote Bag

29. Instant Dictionary

30. Sylvia Plath Earrings

31. Female Authors Umbrella

32. "So Little Time" Bookends

33. Bedside Book Hook

34. The Fault in Our Stars Necklaces

35. Adjustable Tablet Stand

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