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    Look At All These Drunk J. Crew Models

    At least, according to this Tumblr.

    If you have ever laid eyes on a J. Crew catalog, you'll recognize the happy-yet-oddly-glazed-over expression espoused by many of its models.

    The Drunk J. Crew Tumblr aims to collect and caption this phenomenon.

    It's the brainchild of Jen Ellison.

    She told BuzzFeed that the inspiration came when "I was shopping for a (totally out of my league) coat and I noticed, 'These women look lost...and wasted.' Their words are pretty much my inner monologue when I've had too much."

    The odds are high that it is your wasted self's inner monologue too.

    For more, check out Drunk J. Crew.

    h/t Jia