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    26 DIYs Your Pet Will Totally Appreciate

    Even the most aloof cat's heart will melt when he curls up in the bed you made him with your own two hands.

    1. Make a pet bed out of an old suitcase.

    2. Or a wooden pallet.

    Directions here.

    3. Show your bird you care with these heart-shaped treats.

    4. Make a dog toy from braided t-shirts.

    Directions here.

    5. Or from old towels.

    Directions here.

    6. Build your own cat perches.

    Now they can look down on you with the greatest of ease. Directions here.

    7. Your dog looks cold. You should knit her a sweater!

    This pattern is surprisingly easy.

    8. For a big dog, vintage chairs prop up food bowls nicely.

    And if you have a few pets of different sizes, this helps keep their food separate and their mealtimes peaceful. Directions here.

    9. Turn a small table into a four-poster bed.

    Fit for pet royalty. Directions here.

    10. Crochet a cat bed with a giant hook.

    Directions here.

    11. Crochet a birdhouse with a normal hook.

    It'll make all the other birds mad jealous. Directions here.

    12. Don't be so species-normative: celebrate your pet's paws with this Christmas stocking.

    13. Show your little guy how deeply you love him by inscribing his paw prints in clay.

    14. Or if you're REALLY devoted, say it with a custom pillow.

    15. Bake your dog these peanut butter treats.

    Directions here.

    16. Stuff a sweater to make a cheap pet bed.

    Just fill it with cotton stuffing or old towels and it'll be like you're constantly hugging your pet.

    17. Frozen pet treats are perfect for the summertime.

    Especially when they're this cute. Directions here.

    18. Every self-respecting cat or dog needs a bow tie.

    DOG PROM. Directions here.

    19. These tubes are perfect for hiding and scratching.

    20. And this scratcher will give your cat's nails a workout.

    21. A trundle bed makes a great sleeping space for a furry friend.

    Find out how to build your own trundle here.

    22. Braid your dog a collar.

    He'll be ready for summer in the Hamptons in no time. Directions here.

    23. If there's one thing cats love, it's catnip. Knit your cat a toy...

    Directions here.

    24. Or sew one.

    Directions here.

    25. Or needle felt one.

    26. And because guinea pigs need love too:

    Make your little guy this sweater.

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