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    Posted on Aug 7, 2013

    18 Vines That Teach Invaluable Lifehacks

    Six seconds is all you need to TURN YOUR LIFE AROUND.

    1. How to make a homemade glowstick.

    2. How to keep your cords organized.

    3. How to remove a stubborn price tag.

    Lowes has all kinds of brilliant DIY Vines for you to watch in an endless loop.

    4. How to easily paint a design with painter's tape.

    5. How to make your very own Google Glass.

    Perfect for hands-free selfies.

    6. How to charge your phone with a watermelon.

    7. How to make a cheap dog bed.

    And draw blood in the process.

    8. How to safely remove pieces of a broken lightbulb.

    9. How to turn a beer can into a citronella lantern.

    10. How to tell if an egg is fresh.

    11. How to get a stripped screw loose.

    12. How to clean your headlights with NOTHING BUT TOOTHPASTE.

    13. How to amplify your iPhone.

    14. How to make popcorn in a hurry.

    15. How to protect your fingers while hammering.

    16. How to make purple drank.


    17. How to knit.


    18. And how to roll a joint.

    WE CONDONE NOTHING. Thanks Vine!!

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