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    17 Diagrams That Will Help You Draw (Almost) Anything

    Even if you're totally artistically impaired, you can still become the Picasso of your generation.

    1. Corgis.

    Gale Williams / Via

    Check out her other artwork here.

    2. Swans.

    Try to get that out of your head once it's stuck there, I DARE YOU.

    3. Lips.

    4. Legs.

    Yunyin / Via

    Peep her art here.

    5. Crazy horses.

    6. Phallic cats.

    7. Not-phallic (and highly cooperative) cats.

    Kelly Angel / Via

    Find more of her comics here.

    8. The Eiffel Tower.

    Ooh. La. LA.

    9. Hella birds.

    10. Elephants.

    Mark Anderson / Via

    Check out his cartoons here.

    11. Eyes.

    12. Pikachu.

    Pikarar / Via

    If you reeeally can't handle it yourself, this artist does commissions.

    13. Hands.

    Natasi Chan / Via

    14. Folds in fabric.

    Halla and Heart / Via


    15. John Waters.

    Ray Johnson / Via

    Find more of his work here.

    16. Another horse.

    Van Oktop / Via

    Find more of the artist's work here.

    17. Or if owls are more your thing:

    Now get out there and make some *~*ART*~*

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