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    20 Cute And Quirky Wedding Bouquet Ideas

    Enough with the baby's breath. Your bouquet deserves baseballs, buttons, and butterflies.

    1. Baseball Bouquet

    2. Giant Paper Flower / Via

    Who needs a whole bouquet when one enormous flower will do the trick on its own? Find out how to make them yourself at Design Sponge.

    3. Butterfly Bouquet

    4. Scrabble Tile Bouquet

    5. Edible Bouquet

    Yes, that is an artichoke.

    6. Paper Ranunculus Bouquet

    Available here.

    7. Brooch Bouquet / Via

    Find inexpensive pieces at a vintage store and/or use jewelry that has special meaning for you. Learn how to make your own.

    8. Botanical Bouquet

    9. Insanely Colorful Bouquet

    10. Button Bouquet

    Available here. And Offbeat Bride offers a tutorial on how to make your own.

    11. Map Flower Bouquet

    Available here.

    12. Protea Bouquet / Via

    Protea is a weird, strange, wonderful flower that looks like it might eat you if you get too close. You should probably include it in all future bouquets. By Okasie.

    13. Air Plant Bouquet

    And air plants look a little bit like sea monsters and that's why they're the best. By JL Designs.

    14. Feather Bouquet

    15. Seashell Bouquet

    Probably only good for a mermaid wedding, but maybe you are in fact having a mermaid wedding. Buy one here.

    16. Farmer's Market Bouquet

    Whether you're staying close to home or traveling, this is a great way to integrate some of the local landscape into your wedding. Green Wedding Shoes has some tips.

    17. Pom Pom Bouquet

    Make it yourself with instructions from Ruffled.

    18. Craspedia and Succulent Bouquet

    As a mustard evangelist, this is my all-time favorite color combo. By Pink Shirts And Car Wrecks.

    19. Pokéball Bouquet

    Turns out catching 'em all wasn't necessary; just the one is enough. Available here.

    20. Knitted Bouquet

    There are tons of patterns for knitted and crocheted flowers on Ravelry. Make them yourself, or ask craft-minded members of the wedding party to kick in a bloom or two and make it a communal project.