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    24 Creative Ways To Ask Someone To Prom

    If they say no after all this, they're an actual monster.

    Figuring out a solid way to prompose (actually a term, I did not make it up) can be tough.


    Or this one.

    Or this one.

    Poor horse.

    1. So how do you ask someone to spend this magical evening with you? For starters, with a Scantron.

    Just be sure to actually take the test too, or you'll fail and have to drop out of high school and then there won't be any more prom, ever.

    2. With a dog.

    3. Or a cat.

    Hopefully your date will be more pleased than him.

    4. With a pizza.

    5. Or a burger.

    6. With a carefully reasoned argument.

    7. With a bunch of shirtless dudes.

    8. Or a swim team.

    9. Lax-style.

    10. Sushi-style.

    11. Skateboard-style.

    12. With help from Dairy Queen.

    13. Or from BuzzFeed.

    It's easy.

    14. With relics from childhood.

    15. With Pokémon.

    Not the same as relics from childhood, Pokémon are still just as relevant today.

    This idea may seem very similar, but don't be fooled: it is creepy and weird.

    16. With caffeine.

    Highly recommend using non-toxic ink so you don't poison the object of your affections.

    17. With balls.

    18. With magic.

    I would go to prom with anyone who asked me this way and I have been out of high school for a whole bunch of years.

    19. If all else fails, this Pinterest user has some truly incredible ideas.






    Good luck with the hunt! Or something.

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