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26 Clever And Inexpensive Crafting Hacks

You don't need to spend a fortune on fancy supplies to fulfill all your DIY-loving heart's desires.

1. Turn wine corks into point protectors for knitting needles.

A) Your knitting won't slide off. B) You have to drink two entire bottles of wine first. C) Cool.

2. Knit in a dimly-lit room or in a car at night with light-up needles.

Also you'll feel like a Jedi, which is always a plus. Clover sells them for around $15-$16 per pair.

3. Don't get jellz, crocheters.

You can buy light-up hooks too!

4. Yarn bowls are lovely and keep your yarn from getting tangled/roaming across the land, but they can be wicked expensive.

Make your own using a binder clip.

5. Or use a teapot.

6. Or the net bag from produce.

7. Or a colander.

8. Prevent tangled ribbon or twine (and make it look pretty) with a paper towel dispenser.

I found mine for like $2.50 at a dollar store (although it was not, clearly, just a dollar).

9. Want to try printing but don't have stamps or linoleum? Check your lunch.


The tried-and-true potato method.

11. Use a fork to make a perfect little bow.!/p47385484/

12. Forks are also great for making tiny pom-poms.

Who needs a pom-pom maker when you have UTENSILS? It's unbelievably addicting and a great way to use up the last bits of yarn from a project.

13. Make larger pom-poms with your fingers.

14. Make the biggest pom-pom you've ever imagined with an entire skein of yarn.

This might not count as "inexpensive" since it's very easy to spend your entire life savings on yarn, but sometimes you just need a monstrously large pom-pom.

Why would you *need* a giant pom-pom, you ask?

Just look how pumped she is.

15. Get creases out of ribbon with a lightbulb.

16. Clean up beads and glitter with a lint roller.

17. Use a dollar store pool noodle instead of buying a wreath form.

18. Relax curled circular knitting needle cords with warm water.

Webs' blog is full of useful tips. (Webs, an enormous yarn store in Northampton, MA, complete with a warehouse stocked with sale items, is quite possibly my favorite place on the planet/a black hole for all of my money).

19. Make crochet hooks more comfortable to use with pencil grips.

20. Bend the bottom of a crochet hook so you can keep it on your keychain.

For emergency on-the-go crafting. Directions here.

21. Keep bobbins from unthreading with foam pedicure pads.

22. Store sequins, beads and other small things in an ice tray.

23. Sharpen dull scissors by cutting tin foil or sandpaper.

No need to replace them or buy a bulky, expensive whetstone.

24. Use sponges to easily move fabric when machine-quilting.

25. Learn to wind a center-pull ball by hand.

26. Or with a toilet paper roll.

It would be SO AWESOME if everyone in the world were given a swift and ball-winder at birth, but until that time, we'll have to make do. Find out how here.

Do you have a secret-weapon tip or a trick that you love to use when making stuff? Tell the world in the comments!