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31 Unexpected Gifts You Never Knew You Could Buy On Amazon

Bonus: Most of these are available on Prime and they're all under $100. (Even the gadget that lets you call your lost keys!)

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If you have ever felt #blessed by the plethora of options on Amazon, but also totally overwhelmed, then Canopy is for you.

It's a beautifully curated site that surfaces Amazon's weird, wonderful products which might otherwise go unnoticed. They recently launched an app in order to make blowing your life savings on the go that much easier.

This is just a smattering of the gems they have to offer.

1. Stoneware Shot Glasses

2. Corn Socks

3. On-The-Go Phone Charger

4. Food Poster

5. Find-Anything Tile

6. Maple Gum

7. Pantone Ornament

8. Leather Wrap Watch

9. Wood-Patterned Notebook

10. Lego Mug

11. Geometric Backpack

12. Sea Salt Soap

13. Trekking Knife

14. Crystal Crayons

15. iPhone 6 Case

16. House Tissue Box Cover

17. Diamond Box

19. Buddha Board

20. Color-Blocked Thermos

21. Self-Watering Herb Pot

22. Invisible Bookshelves

23. Giant Googly Eyes

24. Crinkle Vase

25. Elephant Pillow

26. Toast Coasters

27. Striped Backpack

28. Giant Canvas Teepee

29. Bird Letter Opener

30. Alphabet Ice Tray

31. Raptor Dog Costume

Check out Canopy and its app and finish your holiday shopping from the comfort of your own butt.