42 Lovely Ideas For A Cold-Weather Wedding

    Autumn and winter weddings are just as delightful as spring and summer (plus a million times more cozy).

    1. Match your invitations to the climate.

    2. Or throw in a touch of nature.

    3. Treat your guests to a s'mores bar.

    4. Or a caramel apple bar.

    5. Or a hot chocolate bar.

    6. For added ~romance~, throw in some cutout heart marshmallows.

    7. Use pinecones and succulents in your flower arrangements.

    8. Or feathers and berries.

    9. Channel autumn with bright bursts of mustard.

    10. There's absolutely no shame in wearing a wedding dress with a big cozy coat.

    11. (As long as you allow the wedding party to do the same.)

    12. Have guests fingerprint a picture instead of signing a traditional guestbook.

    13. Or ask them to sign a guest quilt.

    14. Calligraphied leaves make simple and elegant place escort cards.

    15. So do pine cones.

    16. Display table numbers on pumpkins.

    17. Up the ante with white-painted pumpkins.


    19. Get bark vases for centerpieces.

    20. Put your cake on a log.

    21. Decorate it with fake candy icicles.

    22. Or with pine cones.

    23. Or with fall foliage.

    24. Or with pretty burlap rosettes.

    25. Set off your cake with a snowflake topper.

    26. Have bridesmaids dress in mismatched but coordinated dusty colors.

    27. And boots, if there's a heavy-duty chill.

    28. Scatter candles EVERYWHERE.

    29. Serve cider in hollowed-out apples.

    30. If the weather turns inclement, bottle it forever.

    31. Send guests home with pine cone candles.

    32. Cup cozies.

    33. Gloves.

    34. Little saplings.

    35. Jam jars.

    36. Custome matchboxes.

    37. Birdseed ornaments.

    38. Tea.

    39. Maple syrup.

    40. Straight-up booze.

    41. Hot cocoa.

    42. And thank your wedding party with cozy blankets.