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    25 Clever Ways To Harness The Power Of The Sun

    It's the 21st century, AKA solar panels now belong literally everywhere.

    1. Make your own solar panels out of soda cans.

    2. Channel your inner Victorian with solar-powered lampposts.

    3. Channel your inner witch with a glowing orb.

    4. Here's the DIY version.

    5. Get a solar-powered video camera.

    You'll never run out of battery halfway through your cousin's interminable graduation again.

    6. Charge your phone.

    Available here (in German) (which is clearly why it's so sleek).

    7. Make your own charger from an Altoids case.

    8. Or just let your bikini do the charging for you. / Via

    Artist and performer Andrew Schneider came up with this little number; you can place custom orders here.

    9. For a slightly more kid-friendly project, make a solar oven.

    Just be warned that the amount of s'more consumption in your house will increase considerably.

    10. Bonnaroo would be so much more tolerable if you had this solar-powered tent.

    Too bad it's only in prototype.

    11. These lifts were designed to help people in wheelchairs.

    12. Make a solar jar.

    13. Or a hanging lamp.

    Directions here.

    14. Buy a tiny model of Her Royal Majesty the Queen.

    She actually waves, a fact to which I can attest because one of my roommates has this very device. She (the Queen, not my roommate) lives next to the toaster and the potted succulents.

    15. Or...these babies kissing?

    Is that, like, okay?


    The solar energy causes her boobs to shake. Cool awesome glad this is where technology has brought us.

    17. This toy is actually appropriate for children.

    Get it here.

    18. Make a solar-powered herb garden.

    19. Line your porch with Mason jar lights.

    20. Get a light-up marquee for a party or wedding.

    It'll look great during the day and downright magical at night.

    21. Commemorate.

    For the right person, this could be the best memorial of all time.

    22. Light your way home.

    So no one will ever have to awkwardly drive by your house three times trying to figure out if they're at the right place.

    23. Take inspiration from the World Cup for solar-powered boats.

    24. And from Art Haines, who sells DIY solar car kits.

    25. Make your yard sparkle all summer long.

    These solar-powered string lights are available here.

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