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    19 Gifts Every Booze Lover Needs To Ask For This Year

    Besides, you know, booze.

    1. A champagne shotgun flute.

    2. A bathtub wine glass holder.

    Get it here.

    3. Shot glasses made from Himalayan sea salt.

    Eliminate one step from your tequila routine.

    4. A glass that opens beer bottles.

    5. Or a bottle-opening comb.

    No reason not to look flawless while you're tossing one back.

    6. A kit that lets you turn large fruit into kegs.

    Dare you to try a pineapple.

    7. A carry-on cocktail kit.

    Take those airplane bottles to the next level.

    8. Glasses that are either half-full or half-empty.

    Changed your state of consciousness here.

    9. This ingenious way to chill your beer in an instant.

    10. And this one that chills your wine.

    Available here.

    11. Wine glasses marked to play the major scale.

    You'll be the next Miss Congeniality in no time.

    12. Gold rim sugar.


    13. Mitten flasks.

    To keep you toasty inside and out.

    14. A bartending Swiss army knife.

    15. Magnetic bottle holders.

    To make space in your fridge for even more booze.

    16. A wine bottle combination lock.

    17. Wine for dogs???


    Don't worry, it's nonalcoholic.

    18. A bracelet flask.

    Suuuuuuuuper subtle.

    19. A wine-slash-martini glass.

    Because who has time for dishes when there's drinking to be done?

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