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    19 Gifts Your Mom Will Actually Love

    For Mother's Day, or her birthday, or any old day.

    1. Your mom's time is precious, so make her life more efficient with this pizza cutter–slash–server.

    Get it here.

    2. She put up with your hatred of baths for years, so repay her with wine-inspired soap.

    3. Even if your mom doesn't really know how to text, odds are she'll dig this phone-charging-dock-slash-vase.

    4. If you can't always be there to hug her and giver her a much-needed shoulder rub, this heated massaging wrap will do the trick.

    5. Get a piece of your childhood artwork (slightly more) immortalized by having it embroidered.

    6. Keep your coffee-addicted matriarch topped up at every time of day.

    7. While you're at it, throw in a mug that also keeps a pastry warm.

    8. Make her days extra cozy with this incense burner shaped like a log cabin.

    9. Treat her to an adventure with a gift card she can redeem whenever she wants.

    10. Does your mother love baseball? Does she also love puns? Cool.

    11. Bring your whole family together* with this wall-mounted Scrabble board.

    12. These pixelated playing cards will remind her of her favorite game.

    13. This barking dog butt will ensure she never forgets her keys again.

    14. And for the cat-loving mom, a book of purr-etry.

    15. Does your mom currently spend time with a baby? Are YOU currently a baby?

    16. Help her make time and space for her creativity with this wonderful journal/scrapbook/block-unblocker.

    17. She brought you into this world, so she sure as heck deserves the cutest ladle it has to offer.

    18. At the very least you can swing a card.

    19. Because through it all: