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    The 15 Most Horrific Crafting Abuses Ever Committed Against Books

    RIP culture.

    1. This Harry Potter wrapping paper.

    2. This pumpkin.

    3. This planter.

    4. This holiday wreath.

    5. This candle holder.

    6. This garland.

    7. These envelope liners.

    8. This distinctly ironic sculpture.

    9. This wallpaper.

    10. This decoupaged coffee table.

    11. This hollowed-out keepsake.

    12. This piece of Art.

    13. These book clutches.

    14. This classic celeb-perpetrated atrocity.

    In the immortal words of Cates, "This is the perfect idea for someone who likes to pretend that they read."

    15. And this.